Forever Fiber

Our daily fiber intake is provided by Forever Living Fiber (up to 5 grams).

Our modern diet is lower in fiber Forever than our forefathers’. This is because we eat fewer fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, resulting in decreased fiber consumption. However, it is critical to consume fiber daily in order to maintain healthy intestinal transit and avoid constipation, to bloat, and other digestive problems.

Acacia gum, a natural prebiotic, is found in Forever Fiber and supports the growth of beneficial bacteria. It includes fiber, soluble carbs, and sugars, the latter of which will aid in the development of beneficial bacteria for the stomach and intestines in our bodies and aid in the formation of the intestinal wall lining.

Corn dextrin is a soluble and amorphous carbohydrate that contains probiotics, which are beneficial to our bodies and aid in maintaining and strengthening our gut flora.

Fructooligosaccharides, or FOS, are prebiotics. We can usually find them in our diet (garlic, onions, asparagus, wheat, barley or banana). Plant fibers and natural complex carbohydrates are included. These carbohydrates will be processed primarily in the right colon of the large intestine. They are indigestible by humans and create energy for the bacteria that make up our intestinal flora rather than our cells.

The fibers will also be employed to prevent calcium loss.

Furthermore, a healthy intestinal flora will aid in the regulation and activation of immunological processes and the maintenance of healthy intestinal mucosa.

It is critical to ingest probiotics and prebiotics in order to maintain the balance of our intestinal flora and, as a result, to restore excellent intestinal health, improve nutrient and vitamin absorption, and fight external aggression.